A reliable and innovative
research solution which
goes to the very heart
of consumer emotions

The data collected during a Kinèse study enables the appeal of a point of sale to be measured with regard to its sensorial dimensions and objectives.

Thanks to its approach based on understanding consumer perceptions, it makes it possible to assess all the facets of the relationship experienced by consumers with the point of sale.


Understanding and shaping the future of your point of sale today

Game changing

Eighteen months’ development was required to finalise the Kinèse solution which combines most advanced immersive virtual reality technologies:
Latest generation 3D motor + virtual reality headset.

The panellists explored hyper-realistic 3D environments in real time, as if they were in a point of sale.

objective data...
but much more beside

The data collected is 98% comparable to the studies conducted in real environments. Customer journeys appeal of the points of contact, visibility from near or far, customer movements are measured and analysed.

Going much further than the rational aspect, the immersion in a 3D environment enables outstanding insights into the panellists’ feelings and emotions.

A through analysis,
conducted by
multidisciplinary experts

Our research team, comprised of sensorial insight specialists, is made up of human sciences experts: psycho, ethno, consumption anthropology, semiology, ergonomics, to guarantee a fine and relevant analysis of your projects.

The panellists are recruited in accordance with stringent methodologies in order to match the requirements defined upstream of the study and are monitored throughout the experiment by our team of specialists.