A unique methodology,
a fluid working process

which guarantees the flexibility and accuracy of the study while
adapting it perfectly to the constraints of each project.

the study objectives

Working very closely with the client, we fix the objectives of the research, the suitable methodology as well as the corresponding timetable.

We identify the experts who are the most suitable for your context, chosen on the basis of your requirements to oversee the process of recruiting the panellists.

3D modelling
and virtual reality

We retrieve the physical data from your project in the form of 3D files (e.g. in 3DS max format), drawings or designs for a traditional first stage of modelling.

You give your approval concerning the 3D renderings complying with the project to be assessed: volumes, materials, products, lighting ambiance, etc.

The project is then converted by means of a virtual reality engine in order to operate in real time, in an interactive and immersive manner, ready to be tested by our panellists.

In situ study with
the panel + analysis and
writing up results

The study strictly speaking can now begin. The panellists are brought together. Each of them is monitored throughout their experience by our research specialists who stimulate their accounts and feelings based on the research objectives.

On average, each panellist is immersed for one hour which makes it possible to investigate in depth the relationship which exists between the individual and the space.

The results obtained are then analysed and decrypted by our multidisciplinary team.

Dynamic return
of the study and project optimisation

The study results will then by presented to you in a dynamic manner.
The interface return which you will be able to access will also enable you to retrieve the collected data and visualise the experience of the panellists both individually and collectively.

If necessary, adjustments can be made to the project in 3D based on the results obtained.
You can test new ideas and we will guide you if necessary with our research and retail experts.