Combining technological innovation
and the best qualitative studies for enhanced
understanding of points of sale

Harnessing innovation
to fully understand
consumer behaviour

Kinèse is the unique combination of the most advanced immersive virtual reality techniques and a cutting-edge methodology concerning sensory qualitative studies.

100% consumer-focused, the research conducted with the Kinèse solution thus makes it possible to collect qualitative and quantitative data concerning consumer emotions and behaviour at points of sale.

A flexible and responsive
approach for your projects

The Kinése solution enables time and investments to be maximised: it is now possible to assess the performance of a retail concept without requiring a prototype.

Collaborative, it makes it possible to unite and align the company’s different players through to the final project .

Designed to simplify
the decision-making process

Intuitive, the Kinèse interface makes it possible at any time to review the study data, explore other aspects of it or analyse the viewpoint of consumers in greater depth.

You make objective decisions and can quickly and easily develop your projects to test new ideas.

Working together
for sustainable development

By removing the need to create prototypes, the Kinèse solution fits in seamlessly with your sustainable development policy.

A challenge that is also at the heart of our daily work as we use our calculation power for the benefit of the World Community Grid, which enables researchers from all over the world to create curatives or medication molecules.